More than just a Mom

28 Dec

Today is definitely my day to be “More than just a Mom”…I work today…and it’s my long day.  Oh, I don’t technically work any more hours – just 3 – but the 3 hours are split. An hour and a half, then an hour and a half break, then another hour and a half.  So, work takes up a lot of the day.  Afterwards, I am beat.  On Sundays, my job entails working with a lot of people, a lot of personalities.

I enjoy my job.  Two days during the week, I have the solitude of working alone in my office, doing various things.  On Sundays, I get to work with people.  It’s a nice balance.

The work itself is challenging enough to keep me learning new things, which I like a lot.  None of it is out of my ability range, it’s just things I never bothered to learn, I had no need to learn it.  So, as the need arises, I spend my off time teaching myself how to do things I’ll need for work.

How does this relate to being “Between”?  I am between places right now.  Between the mommy world and the working world. I work part time, very part time. And the rest of the time, I’m a mom.  When asked who my employer is on paperwork, I still often leave it blank – they really want my husband’s employer for the benefits.  Besides – I’m the one that answers the phone at my place of employment!


Being a mom is sucking all of my time up.

28 Dec

One of the kidlets has lice, so every waking moment, it seems, is dedicated to picking lice and nits and doing laundry.  I’m also really trying to get up that oomph I talked about to get the house clean and keep it clean.

For some reason, the baking bug bit me the last couple of days.  Homemade cornbread to go with the homemade white chicken chili; homemade pear-blueberry cobbler; homemade whole wheat banana bread.  I wonder what will come over me next? I wonder why that energy isn’t being more appropriately directed to cleaning the house?

For reasons which shall remain nameless here, we’re getting rid of a Sauder-style bookcase (ok, a watermelon went bad and sent its watery juiciness beneath it – I swear my house isn’t THAT bad).  My husband and I spent part of the day sorting through the books on the shelf and found a bunch to get rid of.  Sometime this week I’ll take a trip to the used book store and see what kind of store credit I can get for them.  It may not be much, but it will help pay for books for the kids and such.  Hey, I wanted to get a move on decluttering…just not sure I wanted to be pushed to it by a rotting watermelon!

Anyhow, this mom has got to get back to picking “nits and fleas” (as my youngest kidlet put it)….so, back to being ‘Just a Mom’ for awhile.