More than just a Mom

28 Dec

Today is definitely my day to be “More than just a Mom”…I work today…and it’s my long day.  Oh, I don’t technically work any more hours – just 3 – but the 3 hours are split. An hour and a half, then an hour and a half break, then another hour and a half.  So, work takes up a lot of the day.  Afterwards, I am beat.  On Sundays, my job entails working with a lot of people, a lot of personalities.

I enjoy my job.  Two days during the week, I have the solitude of working alone in my office, doing various things.  On Sundays, I get to work with people.  It’s a nice balance.

The work itself is challenging enough to keep me learning new things, which I like a lot.  None of it is out of my ability range, it’s just things I never bothered to learn, I had no need to learn it.  So, as the need arises, I spend my off time teaching myself how to do things I’ll need for work.

How does this relate to being “Between”?  I am between places right now.  Between the mommy world and the working world. I work part time, very part time. And the rest of the time, I’m a mom.  When asked who my employer is on paperwork, I still often leave it blank – they really want my husband’s employer for the benefits.  Besides – I’m the one that answers the phone at my place of employment!


Being a mom is sucking all of my time up.

28 Dec

One of the kidlets has lice, so every waking moment, it seems, is dedicated to picking lice and nits and doing laundry.  I’m also really trying to get up that oomph I talked about to get the house clean and keep it clean.

For some reason, the baking bug bit me the last couple of days.  Homemade cornbread to go with the homemade white chicken chili; homemade pear-blueberry cobbler; homemade whole wheat banana bread.  I wonder what will come over me next? I wonder why that energy isn’t being more appropriately directed to cleaning the house?

For reasons which shall remain nameless here, we’re getting rid of a Sauder-style bookcase (ok, a watermelon went bad and sent its watery juiciness beneath it – I swear my house isn’t THAT bad).  My husband and I spent part of the day sorting through the books on the shelf and found a bunch to get rid of.  Sometime this week I’ll take a trip to the used book store and see what kind of store credit I can get for them.  It may not be much, but it will help pay for books for the kids and such.  Hey, I wanted to get a move on decluttering…just not sure I wanted to be pushed to it by a rotting watermelon!

Anyhow, this mom has got to get back to picking “nits and fleas” (as my youngest kidlet put it)….so, back to being ‘Just a Mom’ for awhile.

Getting the House You Want – Designing Your Own Modular Home

26 Jul

small prefab home on a hill in jerseyNow that the time has finally come for you to get the home you have always dreamed of owning. However, you and your significant other have decided to go with a modular home, but there are some things you just have to have inside that house in order for it to accommodate you and your family.

New Jersey modular homes can be anything that you want and more, and you will get the home built to your exact specifications thanks to special software that you can use to design the home you have always dreamed of is, and creating it is something that is entirely in their hands.

The Steps to Designing a Modular Home

Galleries To Help Inspire Creativity

The idea of creating a modular home may seem complicated to someone who wants to get out of their tiny apartment and into a full sized house. However, to make it as simple as possible, there are galleries that show the designs that other homeowners have created.

By going through the photographs of what others have done with their modular homes, people can get an idea of what they want to do with theirs, and they will also see get to see certain things in high quality pictures, sparking ideas and inspiration.

Choosing the Right Floor Plan

Some modular home companies that offer designs for it have made it very easy for people to design their own home. In fact, there is a special software program that can be used, and with it, people can literally choose from the different home designs, and then go from there. There are several different modular home plans available, and then once the right one is chosen, the future homeowner can go on to the next step.

Modular Exterior Design

Designing the inside of modular homes is easy, but people tend to forget about the exterior. With the help of the special design software, future modular home owners will be able to choose from different exteriors until they find which one will look the best.

Line of newly constructed modular homes in Mercer County, NJ

I’ve personally worked with designers in most major Jersey cities, and I’ve founded that the market favors homeowners in the following NJ counties:

  • Atlantic County
  • Burlington County
  • Essex County
  • Gloucester County
  • Hudson County
  • Mercer County
  • Middlesex County
  • Monmouth County
  • Ocean County

Once again, if people want to see what certain exteriors look like, they can refer to the photo gallery, which will show future home owners what those designs will look like once the house itself is actually built.

3-D Look

Once future homeowners have completed messing around with the modular home design software, and are done with every aspect of the design, then it is time for their hard work to pay off. With a click of a button, the design that people have created from the ground up can go from being a flat two dimensional floor plan to a three dimensional house that will even have color. If there is something that people do not like about the design of their home, they can easily edit the design and change it to something else that will appeal to them more.

There are many floor plans and designs available for people who are interested in designing their modular homes from the ground up. Many modular home companies now offer special software that can make deigning a home quick and easy. Once the design is complete, people can see their design in a 3-D simulation, which will give them the chance to either love the design or find something that they don’t like, change it so they can be happy with their home, and then submit it so they home can finally be built.

Hurricane Sandy Recovery Process

3 Jun

Hurricane Sandy, for sure, came at a very unfortunate time and swept through our homes. Many people had not anticipated of such a thing to happen. Having had first hand experience, this deadly storm is simply one of those things that I do not wish to happen to me again. The effects ware extremely huge and simply devastating; thousands and thousand of us were left homeless with virtually nothing to start our lives again. The worst part many other people were left with deadly physically injuries that left them sable for the rest of their lives while others lost their lives.

A wound that runs deep

sandy emotional traumaPractically, the kind of damage both physical and emotional that the hurricane Sandy had on us was so huge. In fact, it never crossed my mind that our lives were going to get back to normally again; truth to my words the aftermath are still being felt up to now. It is no surprise that the effects of this hurricane Sandy are going to be felt even for years and generations to come.

However, since what happened was very clear to many people, many players have started to jump into the bandwagon with all sorts of help. For example, the kind of aid that we have been getting from New Jersey home contractors for sure has been massive. In fact, they too being some of the victim of this deadly hurricane sandy they had to come up with other plans that are very sustainable when it comes to building of new homes for the victim, and this led to the introduction of tens of thousands of modular homes along the New Jersey coast.

Practically, if you look around the areas that were affected in New Jersey, you will be amazed with the number of modular homes that seem to be cropping from all over. For sure, had it not been because of New Jersey contractors this could not have been possible. My home was so torn down into pieces and we had to bring it down as it was rendered useless and not safe to live in. However, with New Jersey modular homes we now have a very decent place that we can live in. It has really helped us in a number of ways as we recover from the aftermaths of this deadly storm.

New Jersey contractors knowing very well the kind of impact the storm had on our financials, they had to introduce this very economic friendly houses. These modular homes are actually built in factories using some of the most sophisticated processes. They are built in different sections and then brought to the site. Practically, the assembly actually is quite easy and takes a remarkably shorter period to be completed. Had we stuck on those traditional houses, it is very obvious many of us could be still homeless by now.

FINALLY we found a great modular home builder at a reasonable price

However, thanks to New Jersey modular home builders like the folks at NJ Modular Group, we’ve been able to get a shelter where we can live in. Besides, the cost of building these news homes have been remarkably down. We have not drained our bank accounts in order to have these new homes. The cost of building them is relatively low if you compare with other designs of homes.

Additionally, when these New Jersey contractors are designing these new homes, they always take our comfort into great consideration. In fact, these new homes have turned out to be a blessing in disguise to many of us who were affected by Hurricane Sandy. This is because just like other families across the US, we now have very comfortable homes that are very conducive to live in. As matter of fact, these new homes are going to play one of the most significant roles during the whole recovery process. These modular homes are very comfortable and eco-friendly, plus, they have almost everything that you can ask from any modern home.

Generally, as we now see thousands and thousands of people in New Jersey embracing this new concept, its benefits has already started to be felt by the first people who had these modular homes built for them. The best thing about these new homes by New Jersey contractors is their extreme comfort and ability to withstand any harsh weather conditions. So with them around, we do not have to worry about another deadly storm.

After all, we live in an area that is very prone to these kinds of deadly storms. We actually thank the people behind this new concept and we the victims of Hurricane Sandy will remain very indebted to them for now and many other years to come.

How New Jersey Building Contractors are Recovering from Hurricane Sandy

3 Jun

It has been almost 18 months since the appearance of Hurricane Sandy and even now, the aftermath is still being felt across the world but none more so than the families and communities in the affected areas of New Jersey. Even as I am writing this, I can almost still hear the cries of anguish and despair from those who have lost their homes, personal belongings and for some, even friends and family members.

When FEMA stepped up to the plate

Now the recovery process has begun but it will take a very long time before all those who are affected can fully recover from the damage of Hurricane Sandy. When we are at the brink of despair, that is when FEMA stepped in and we were honestly hoping that they would somehow make everything all right once again. We could not be more wrong.

Before we could receive any of our financial recovery checks, we were first asked to prove that the house that we lived in were destroyed by the hurricane and had to provide official documents confirming that we were the actual owners to the deed. I have never felt more helpless about anything in my life at that point and FEMA’s actions were simply not helpful enough to make us feel any better.

I had also heard stories from the hurricane victims whose houses were either torn apart completely from its foundation in the storm or is now completely missing, leaving a vacant land where their houses used to be, had an absolute nightmare trying to prove to FEMA that they once lived there.

Let the Healing Begin

Not long after the incident, it began to dawn on me that many people across the country and the world, shared our grief and sincerely wanted to help us get back on our feet once more. Long-term recovery communities like �Rebuilding Together’ began to form, offering the service of repairing people’s homes and community centers. I eagerly sought their aid and in the first year after the hurricane incident, this group has successfully repaired more than their initial goal of 200 homes and community centers. They continue to operate until this very day, in trying to rebuild the areas that have been affected in New Jersey.

New Jersey and New York Reconstruction

In New Jersey itself, it is estimated that almost 350,000 homes were lost and areas around the south shore, Staten Island shore and also the inland of Queens of New York were hit the hardest. The population around the areas that were hit by the hurricane came from low-income and working class families who are unable to sustain themselves without proper financial aid. Rebuilding Together came to the rescue by providing free critical home repairs to the families who need it the most. I would consider them to be one of the most reliable NJ contractors in the vicinity who are always eager to help any family that is in need.

Another community group known as Rebuild New Jersey rose to provide aid to the victims of this hurricane as well. Personally, I would group them under the same category as reliable nj contractors who are always ready to provide aid and rebuild their homes for those who are affected. In fact, the co-owner of this community is a man named Chip Brian, who admirably supported and rebuilt homes including that of his athletics coach, Fred Toborg.

The Toborg’s had lived in their home for the past 28 years when due to its close proximity to the salt marshes, was completely destroyed by Hurricane Sandy. In an interview with NY1, Fred Toborg was quoted saying, “I just had to laugh at the mess, because you can’t cry, you just have to take things the way they come and do the best you can.” That is when Brian saw the news and immediately volunteered to repair the Toborg’s home completely free of charge.

I just had to laugh at the mess, because you can’t cry, you just have to take things the way they come and do the best you can.

I know that it is almost impossible to say for certain the exact extent of damage that Hurricane Sandy has left in its wake. I have heard from people who have lost their only homes and are now renting elsewhere but with reliable nj contractors, some of which who would gladly perform your repairs for you for free, the victims will still have hope. Even when all else has been taken from the,